SKOOTA*BANG    Male 30
Last Visit: 08/06/2017

SKOOTA*BANG 06-04-17 17:56
Fuck a vest I shoot neck and up!!!🔫💀💀
SKOOTA*BANG 01-11-17 17:13
I'm just gonna eat the fuck out your pussy till you ain't mad at me anymore!!!!!
SKOOTA*BANG 01-11-17 17:11
I'm just gonna eat the fuck out your pussy till you mad at me no more!!!
SKOOTA*BANG 04-26-16 16:44
Lets get to this money and stop playing already!!!
SKOOTA*BANG 11-22-15 18:41
Do you have a bae or nah
SKOOTA*BANG 11-15-15 01:28
Add me on snap chat: skootabang
SKOOTA*BANG 04-27-15 10:51
Another day another dollar..rise and grind bby!!!!
SKOOTA*BANG 10-25-14 12:57
All we do is hustle get that money and make it double! !!
SKOOTA*BANG 10-21-14 01:38
Now every day I wake up, I see dollar sign💰💰💰..You say you wanna shine, then stay on your grind...Don't take a day off, hustle all the time!!!!
SKOOTA*BANG 10-10-14 04:02
Don't ever let a nigga think you need him Fuck a friend be about your business Stand ten toes down and get it.. And work!!!! #Straightgrindin #Freebandz

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