Derik D.    
Last Visit: 08/20/2017

Derik D. pleased 08-14-17 03:16
When She Classy But stil Nastyyyy
Derik D. 08-13-17 12:56
Been thinkin of her all dayyyy
Derik D. pleased 08-10-17 01:44
When She Hits my phone Late night...THE BEST!!
Derik D. 08-09-17 12:04
Just got up, gonna blow tbis blunt and get the day started!! Hit me up cutie. Keep me company :)
Derik D. curious 08-08-17 05:09
Where are them late night female freaks at?? Hit me up, Lets chat it upppppp
Derik D. 08-08-17 02:54
Awwww sensitive ppl lol u make me laugh
Derik D. sad 08-07-17 21:06
Miss her...
Derik D. 08-07-17 11:28
She can trust me w anything. She knows Im not gonna do her dirty...I would,t want to either. I love our mutual know who u r lil mama, u got me going crazy
Derik D. 08-07-17 10:42
Why Am I So Hornyy this morningg?
Derik D. 08-07-17 04:21
Where them bad bitches at?? Not the imitating hoes that Say they badddd

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